cipux_set_value - Version 3.2.11-1 2006-04-05 CipUX


        cipux_set_value [OPTIONS] -e <ENTRY> -v <VALUE>
        echo 'VALUE' | cipux_set_value [OPTIONS] -e <ENTRY> -V
        cipux_set_value -h
        Options: (exact only one is mandatory)
        (01) -u <UCN>  :set user value                   (modify)
        (02) -c <CCN>  :set course value                 (modify)
        (03) -m <MCN>  :set machine value                (modify)
        (04) -r <RCN>  :set room value                   (modify)
        (05) -t <TCN>  :set hardware type value          (modify)
        (06) -i <ICN>  :set image value                  (modify)
        (07) -s <SCN>  :set image slot value             (modify)
        (08) -y <YCN>  :set admin value                  (modify)
        (09) -x <XCN>  :set configuration value          (modify)
        (10) -U        :set value for all users          (modify)
        (11) -C        :set value for all courses        (modify)
        (12) -M        :set value for all machines       (modify)
        (13) -R        :set value for all rooms          (modify)
        (14) -T        :set value for all hardware types (modify)
        (15) -I        :set value for all images         (modify)
        (16) -S        :set value for all image slots    (modify)
        (17) -Y        :set value for all admins         (modify)
        (18) -X        :set value for all configuration  (modify)
        Auxilliary options:
        (19) -h        :get help page
        (20) -a        :this actually adds a value (add)
        (21) -d        :EXPERIMENTAL! replace one value, or if only one value left, deletes
                        it and leave an empty attribute behind.
        UCN = U+CN = U=user + CN = canonical name
        CCN, MCN, RCN analog


This script sets a value on a LDAP server for a given entry (attribute). It can be done in two modes (A) all nodes and (B) one node. Nine fields can be choosen: (1) user, (2) course, (3) machine, (4) room, (5) hardware type, (6) image, (7) image slot, (8) admin and (9) configuration

For Debian-edu there are only (1) user and (2) course possible.

Be careful with the global mode (A) it will set a value to all nodes!

If you want to add a value (example: memberUid for posixGroup) rather than to modify, you have to add the -a option!





Prints usage message.


See the CipUX webpage and the manual at See the mailing list



Christian Kuelker <>


Copyright (C) 1999-2005 by Christian Kuelker

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.

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