cipux_bot_logon_ldap - Version 3.2.11-1 2006-08-08 CipUX




The script parses the LDAP server for ou=user,uid=* and ou=course,uid=* and builds for every user (in ou=user) a DOS logon script for windoof 98 or windoof NT based on the users group membership in ou=course. The logon script uses the command 'net use' to map DOS network drives. On top of that it also includes the mapping of the default application share and the so called home drive. This script should be executed by crond every 10 minutes.

Default values: for every user

CipUX 1.x:

        N: default application share ('cipan')
        H: home drive
        O-Z: group ('course') drives

CipUX 2.x:

        I: default application share ('cipan')
        H: home drive
        K-Z: group ('course') drives

Default values: for cipadmin

        I or N:     default application share ('cipan')
        J:          source applicatin share ('sources')
        H:          home drive
        K-Z or O-Z: group ('course') drives

CipUX 3.x.x A-G: ``free'' H : home drive I : cipan = cippool application share J : source application share K-Z: group, courses drives

Which default is used, you can see this by your cipan drive mapping. Or from the config files.

A user XYZ will become a 'xyz.bat' network logon script.





Prints usage message.


See the CipUX webpage and the manual at See the mailing list


Christian Kuelker <>


Copyright (C) 1999-2005 by Christian Kuelker

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